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CEHMM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that has created a wide range of cutting edge programs that work toward practical solutions to issues that affect both human health and the environment.  These projects serve the community, the region, and the state through cooperative conservation, educational outreach, job creation, and research leading to resolution of important technical and environmental challenges. 

CEHMM has nationally recognized conservation programs in habitat conservation and management in support of two species of concern in New Mexico, the lesser prairie-chicken and the dunes sagebrush lizard. These programs provide for the conservation of the two species while affirming and supporting traditional, multiple land uses.

CEHMM’s new division, Environmental Services, is dedicated to providing a variety of environmental consultation and assistance. These include expediting permit authorizations regarding work on state and federal lands and pipeline trench surveillance (or reconnaissance).

CEHMM also continues to maintain a small R&D algae project focused on the cultivation, harvesting, and oil extraction of a marine algae in support of establishing business opportunities in aquaculture for nutraceutical, medicinal, and other commercial applications for algal biomass.

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Request For Proposals (CEHMM 002-2019) For Determination of Flow Regime Requirements for Texas Hornshell Mussel (Popenaias popeii) in the Black River, Eddy County, NM

CEHMM is requesting proposals for scientific research that will inform the development of flow regime requirements for the Texas Hornshell Mussel (“hornshell”) population in the Black River, Eddy County, New Mexico.

LPC/DSL Project Proposals Now Being Accepted

LPC/DSL project funding proposals are now being accepted. Project proposal forms and submission instructions are available for download at CEHMM.

CEHMM Now Accepting Soil Samples for Testing

CEHMM's analytical laboratory is now accepting soil samples for the analysis. Contact us for more information.

Conservation Project Proposals Now Being Accepted

CEHMM is now accepting conservation project proposals. Proposals must be submitted by March 1, 2019. Please contact Whit Storey at 575-885-3700, District 1, or Kyle Dillard at 575-675-2324, District 2, if you have any questions.

Request for Bid Announced